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Cambridge University Go Green with Vegware - And You Can Too!


Vegware recently worked with Cambridge University to introduce their range of 100% biodegradable food packaging across the Universities catering establishments who handle a whopping 6,500 transactions per day.

Watch this short video to see the scope of the project:

If They Can Do It, So Can You!

Of course, in some respects it's easier for large businesses to go green - they have the money and can provide the staff to help manage the change. But it is all of our responsibility to care for our planet - no matter how big or small our business.

We'd like to challenge you to consider switching to 100% biodegradable food packaging, and even providing a compostable waste disposal point so that all of your food packaging and food waste can be converted into a high quality garden compost. It's easier than you might think!


Invite Us for a Chat

Firstly, we'd suggest you invite us for a chat. We're happy to come to you and see how your business operates. We can discuss the kinds of products you would need to use and then come up with a proposal.

We can suggest products from Vegware's range which would meet your needs and compliment your business. And they're not necessarily as expensive as you might imagine - infact some Vegware clients have seen a reduction in cost as a result of switching to their eco-friendly products.

We'll Keep You Informed

We'll let you know when new products are introduced which may work well for your business. And we'll keep many commonly used items in stock and available for same or next-day delivery. We've got your back!

Go green this year with Vegware - you'll be glad you did.

Rob and Jane



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