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Catering Disposables - Cups, Plates, Bowls, Deli Pots, Cutlery and More!


Catering disposable supplies are a vital part of providing a fast and efficient catering services, especially where washing up isn't an option, for business such as delis, take-aways and cafes.

Our range of disposable catering supplies for these situations includes everything from plates, cups and bowls to cutlery, tableware and napkins.

We also supply a comprehensive selection of cocktail accessories including many varieties of straws and straw dispensers. Our recycled brown paper bags are perfect for take away use.


Disposable Food Packaging

Pizza Box

We stock a variety of disposable food packaging, including takeaway food containers and foil containers which will suit any type of food establishment. We also have a range of sandwich and baguette containers, cake boxes and paper bags to help transport food easily.

Take-Away Food Containers

Our extensive range of fast food packaging features cardboard take away food boxes, polystyrene foam disposable food containers, fish and chip trays, chip scoop boxes and biodegradable fast food boxes such as pizza boxes.

Sandwich and Baguette Containers

Our recyclable hinged boxes preserve the freshness of sandwiches and baguettes. Sandwich wedge boxes are available in standard, deep fill and triple fill and baguette boxes are available in 9” or 12”.

Salad Containers

Salad containers in 375ml, 500ml and 750ml sizes are ideal for salad bars in supermarkets as well as salad boxes in coffee shops and cafes, keeping the salad fresh and easy to transport.

Foil Containers

Our range of foil takeaway containers, suitable for hot and cold food is ideal for takeaway cafes as the foil structure is able to hold liquids. Available in a range of shapes and sizes. Waxed lids sold separately.

Brown Paper Bags

100% recycled brown paper bags with paper tape handles, great for use in takeaways. Choose from a range of different sizes. Plastic bags are also available.

Greaseproof Paper

Imaginative greaseproof paper to enhance the presentation of food giving your business a stylish edge! Great for serving a variety of food dishes particularly fish and chips, burgers and fried chicken.

Cake Boxes and Packaging

Perfect for bakeries and cafes serving cakes, our recyclable single slice cake boxes come complete with a spork. The range also features pop-up cupcake boxes to help easily transport delicate cakes.


Disposable Cups and Glasses

Our comprehensive selection of disposable, recyclable and compostable cups and glasses for hot and cold drinks. There are a variety of hot cups to choose from featuring foam, ripple walled or smooth materials depending on what your establishment requires in a range of different sizes and pack quantities.

We also provide a large selection of disposable (plastic) glasses, from wine glasses to smoothie cups with domed lids. Depending on what types of drinks you're serving, we have an option for everyone.

Disposable Cup

Disposable Cups

Our disposable cup range features an array of hot and cold liquid cups and lids. Made from a variety of materials to provide high quality protection for hands. Available in a range of sizes and pack quantities to suit large and small businesses.

Disposable Glasses

If you’re looking for disposable plastic pint, wine or shot glasses for an event, or smoothie cups with domed lids, Foil and Film have a product to suit your needs. We also have a large selection of great value, translucent glasses.

Cup Accessories and Dispensers

We stock a wide range of disposable cup accessories including carry trays and corrugated cup sleeves to safely transport hot drinks.


Disposable Cutlery and Tableware

Mobile caterers and takeaways and cafes rely on disposable cutlery and tableware, as do other restaurant establishments who offer takeaway options for all their customers wanting to eat on the go.

From a range of recyclable and compostable products, frombrands like Vegware, all our plates, bowls, cutlery, table linen and table mats can be easily disposed of or recycled whilst also being environmentally friendly.

Disposable Cutlery

Disposable Cutlery

We stock a wide range range of disposable and biodegradable cutlery made from lightweight plastic as well as wooden and compostable alternatives. These knives, forks, spoons and stirrers offer rigidity and stability for takeaway meals and outdoor catering.

Disposable Plates and Bowls

We also supply a range of biodegradable, compostable and disposable tableware from paper plates to laminate foam bowls. All of these products are strong, sturdy and suitable for oily foods. This makes them perfect for takeaway businesses and outdoor catering vans.

Disposable Table Linen

Available in a range of colours, our range of disposable table coverings make a great alternative to linen tablecloths, providing exceptional softness and protection from staining.

Disposable Trays and Doilies

Semi-disposable chrome plated party trays with embossed edges are ideal for enhancing food presentation on buffet displays. They also feature disposable rigid aluminium trays making them great for functions and mobile caterers.

Enhance the presentation of food displays in tea rooms, cafés and hotels with our range of quality paper doilies. Choose from rectangular or round shapes in a variety of sizes. Place them on your table or cake plate for an attractive finish.


Straws and Cocktail Accessories

Drinks accessories are always a nice finishing touch to any cocktail or cold drink. We have a variety of bendy, straight, black, clear or coloured stripy straws to choose from, as well as straw dispensers.

To add that pleasing look to any cocktail we have mixed colour paper parasols and a mixture of coloured and black cocktail stirrers. We also stock wooden cocktail sticks and clear prism sticks great for garnishing drinks with olives and cherries!

Straws and Straw Dispensers

We offer a large selection of straws in various colours as well as thicknesses, to cater to your requirements. Also available in the range are spoon straws, ideal for thick shakes and slush drinks.

Cocktail Stirrers and Accessories

Our cocktail accessories include a range of coloured cocktail stirrers and wooden cocktail sticks to ensure drinks are properly mixed. Also available are coloured paper parasols and prism sticks to garnish cocktails.


Napkins and Dispensers

Napkins and napkin dispensers are always a much needed product in any catering establishment, whether it’s a bar, for a BBQ or hotel, whenever there’s food and drink involved napkins will always be needed.

We stock a range of wet and dry napkins, from handy lemon wet wipes perfect for on-hand use when eating seafood and ribs, to professional tissue napkins in a whole host of colours perfect for lunch and dinner occasions.

Cocktail and Lunch and Dinner Napkins

Our small cocktail napkins are high quality and incredibly practical fitting most bar caddies. Perfect for use in bars when serving premium drinks to give the feeling of quality, whilst helping to avoid any spillages.

We also stock a wide choice of larger napkins (330mm square) in a wide choice of colours, perfect for lunch and dinner occassions.

Our 3 ply dinner napkins are 400mm in size and are larger for use during evening meals. By quality brands such as Duni, Tork and Katrin, they come in a range of classic and modern colours to suit your business.

Dispenser Napkins and Handy Wipes

Lemon scented, moist handy wipes in two different sizes, for effectively cleaning hands and face after messy foods such as curry, ribs and seafood. Also featuring two fold napkins which fit perfectly into dispensers.

Napkin Dispensers and Accessories

Foil and Film also stock a range of napkin dispensers and holders to reduce wastage in your establishment. The modern stylish designs from Tork and APS ensure even the small details of your business are kept to a high standard.

Wet Towels

You can help your business emit premium quality by offering customers hot towels. Perfect for use after messy foods such as ribs and shellfish, these towels provide a more hygienic way to freshen the face and hands after a meal. Great for restaurants!

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