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Happy New Year


With the busy period of Christmas and New Year behind us, it's definitely time to start planning for the coming weeks. We know that catering and hospitality businesses need to stay ahead - keeping up with new ideas, new technologies and new expectations. And with consumers being ever more discerning it's vital that catering and hospitality businesses offer their customers something unique.

Food Packaging

At the same time, we've all got kitchens that need cleaning, bathrooms to scrub, laundry to do. The everyday tasks don't disappear - but they can be made simpler and more managable. Here at Foil and Film we've earned a reputation for offering no-nonsence advice and for stearing our clients towards products which will work in their particular environment.

Whether you're a small scale caterer, a larger premises with more staff and more facilities or a large hotel or restaurant - we've got the expertise to help you succeed.

For example, our excellent Vegware range continues to be more popular than ever. With many consumers choosing to think more ethically about their food and drink choices is more important than ever that caterers are in tune with consumer expectation. Does your packaging meet ethical expectations?

Likewise, cleaning products have been going through a revolution lately - there are now far more environmentally friendly products available than there were even a short time ago. Why not give us a call and try out some new products this year? You'll be surprised how effective natural products can be!

Whatever your business aims and objectives are for 2020, we wish you all the best.

Robert and Jane

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