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Printed and Personalised Food-Product Packaging


Personalised Product Packaging - Printed with your Logo

Personalised packaging can make a real difference to how your customers respond to your brand. A plain brown paper cup doesn't say much, does it?

It can seem a bit of a waste of money, paying to have your logo printed on something which will, before too long, end up in the bin. However, when you consider how many people will see that cup, on it's way from your cafe to its eventual disposal, you can see what an opportunity it is.

Here at Foil and Film we love supporting our clients in helping them choose the right products for their business. Products which reflect a company's values of quality and service. Sometimes a cheap, plain cup just doesn't cut it.

Clara's Printed Cup in Whitby

Locals and visitors to Whitby will be familiar with Clara's. And their red printed cups. There's no mistaking where someone got their hot drink from. And all those cups, carried around town, are acting like tiny little billboards advertising the business to everyone else.

We know cost can be an issue, which is why we work hard to secure the best deals from our suppliers on your behalf. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements. Consider printed cups an investment - and probably a much wiser one than traditional advertising.

We look forward to talking with you.

Rob and Jane


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