The Foil and Film Company - Suppliers to the Catering and Hospitality Trades across North Yorkshire

Suppliers to the Catering and Hospitality Trades

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Our Product Categories

Foil and Film supply products for the catering and hospitality industries, to businesses across the North East of England from our base just outside Whitby.

Please choose a product category from the options below to find out more about the ranges of products we supply.



Kitchen Hygiene

Floor Care

Waste Management

Industrial Cleaning

Nursing and Care

Health and Safety

Packaging and Disposables

Foil and Film - Delivering to Businesses across North Yorkshire

Foil and Film are dedicated to supplying the best products at the most affordable prices to businesses just like yours, across North Yorkshire.

Being based in Yorkshire, we have excellent transport links both up and down the Yorkshire coast, as well as inland, meaning we can quickly and efficiently deliver our products over a wide area.

We know how hard it can be finding the right products for your business, and being able to speak to someone with real expertise is incredibly valuable.

No Obligation Quotes and Samples

Foil and Film are more than happy to offer free and no obligation quotes via telephone and email, and we can even supply samples for some of our products on request.

We're determined to build strong links with businesses across the whole of the North East of England, bringing real value and excellent customer service to the catering and hospitality industries.

Invite Us To Visit

We always look forward to meeting with our clients and getting to know them and their businesses better. If you'd like use to pay you a visit to discuss your requirements and find out how Foil and Film could help your business, why not give us a call or send us an email?