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Floor Care

From vacuums and brooms to polishers and carpet cleaners we provide an extensive range of quality floor care products to suit all needs and requirements. The products we currently stock include:

  • vacuum cleaners (both wet and dry versions)
  • mopping systems and buckets
  • brooms, brushes and sweeping equipment
  • floor care chemicals and liquids
  • carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals
  • matting and dust control products

Vacuum Cleaners (Wet and Dry)

Foil and Film can supply a broad range of vacuum cleaners - helping your make light work of your carpet cleaning tasks. We stock a range of popular brands and can advise on the most effective equipment for your requirements.

Vacuum Cleaner

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Mopping Systems and Buckets

Foil and Film stock a variety of different mops, buckets and complete mopping systems - including safety signage and warning cones. Make light work of your hard floors with our excellent mops and buckets, paired with our quality floor cleaning chemicals.

Mopping Systems

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Brooms, Brushes and Sweeping Equipment

Foil and Film can supply a broad range of hight quality brooms, brushes and dust pans - for all levels of use. Save yourself time and effort by using the right tool for the job!

Brooms and Sweeping Equipment

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Chemicals and Liquids

From bleaches and cleaning fluids to polishes, carpet shampoos and tile restorers, the Foil and Film Company stock a wide range of high quality floor care chemical and liquids. Whatever your floor care requirements, please call us for more information and a competitive quote.

Floorcare Chemicals and Liquids

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Carpet Cleaning Equipment and Chemicals

We can supply a range of carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals - to help you make light work of built-up dirt and grime. Save yourself the expense and upheaval of replacing tired-looking carpets - you'll be amazed how much better they look after a good clean!

Carpet Cleaning Equipment

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Matting and Dust Control

Keep on top of the persistant problem of dust with some great looking and effective dust control matting. Perfect for business entrances and walkways, they'll reduce wear on your carpets whilst keeping annoying dust to a minimum.

Dust Control Matting

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