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Health and Safety

We provide a range of health and safety, PPE & workwear products to help you deliver a safe environment for your clients and staff. We stock products in the following ranges:

  • safety signage
  • ground salts and equipment
  • absorbent and spills kits
  • first aid equipment
  • lighting, electrical, batteries and torches
  • protective masks and gloves
  • workwear, footwear and high visibility clothing

Safety Signage

Foil and Film supply a range of high visibility safety signage, enabling you to clearly inform staff and customers of dangers such as wet floors and spillages, work in progress and other unseen dangers.

Safety Signage

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Ground Salts and Equipment

If your business has an external drive way, parking area or footpaths, keeping them ice-free in winter can be a vital health and safety task. Foil and Film supply a range of quality salts, grits and grit bins to ensure you're always able to keep your pathways safe.

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Absorbant Spills Kits

Foil and Film stock a variety of absorbant spills kits and absorbant pads. Perfect for cleaning up after any kind of spillage - including oil spills from containers or leaking vehicles. Our range of absorbant spillage pads are cleaner and easier to use than loose granuals and can be easily disposed of.

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First Aid Equipment

The Foil and Film Company stock a wide range of high quality first aid kits. From small personal kits to large first aid kits for businesses, specialist burns kits, vehicle kits and even defibrillators. We also supply a range of refill packs, bandages and eye wash solutions.

First Aid Kit

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Lighting, Electrical, Batteries and Torches

We stock a range of quality flashlights, batteries, bulbs, fluorescent tubes and lamps to keep your business premises well-lit and provide emergenct lighting in powercuts.


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Protective Masks and Gloves

Foil and Film can supply a range of high quality protective masks and gloves including valved dust masks, safety goggles and faceshields and safety helmets.

Safety Mask

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Workwear, Footwear and High Visibility Clothing

Foil and Film stock a range of safety clothing, workwear and footwear including boots, overalls, boiler suits, high visibility jackets, hats, helmets, gloves, trousers, vests and even t-shirts!

Safety Clothing

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