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We stock a wide range of housekeeping and cleaning equipment to ensure you can maintain a safe and pleasant environment for your staff and customers, including:

  • housekeeping and cleaning chemicals
  • laundry powders and liquids
  • air fresheners
  • housekeeping trolleys and carts
  • sprayers and dispensers

Cleaning Chemicals

We can supply a full range of high quality, professional grade cleaning chemicals, dispensers and refills. From washing up chemicals to bleaches, cleaning fluids, toilet cleaners, sprays and polishes - we've got your housekeeping cleaning chemicals covered!

Cleaning Chemicals

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Laundry Powders and Liquids

We can also supply a full range of washing powders and conditioners for laundry cleaning. All our laundry powders and liquids are designed to meet the high standards of the hospitality industry. Call today for a quote or arrange a sample so you can try before your buy!

Laundry Powder

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Air Fresheners

Foil and Film stock a wide variety of industrial grade air fresheners, automatic dispensers and refills to suit all environments. We can supply quality air fresheners for hotels and bed and breakfasts, pubs, restaurants, cafes and businesses.

Air Freshener

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Trolleys and Carts

Transporting all your cleaning equipment can be a difficult job - but Foil and Film have the answer! We stock a range of professional cleaning trolleys and carts, ensurring cleaning staff can safely and efficiently transport all their cleaning equipment around your premises, avoiding spillages and accidents and saving time and effort.

Cleaning Trolley (Cart)

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Sprayers and Dispensers

The Foil and Film Company stock a range of high quality chemical sprayers and dispensers - built to last, and to get you the best value from your cleaning products through reliable and efficient spraying every time.

Cleaning Sprayers and Dispensers

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