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Nursing and Care

Bringing you a range of essential items for the nursing industry including residential and care homes. We stock products in the following categories:

  • patient wipes and hand soaps
  • healthcare skin hygiene
  • infection control
  • disposable PPE

Patient Wipes and Hand Soaps

From surface and patient wipes to hand soaps, automatic soap dispensers and hand sanitisers and alcohol rubs, Foil and Film can supply a broad range of products to keep your staff and patients' hand clean.

Patient Wipes and Hand Soaps

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Healthcare and Skin Hygiene

Help keep your staff and patients safe and protected from infection using our range of skin hygiene products. We stock a broad range including traditional soaps, hand sanitisers, medical wipes and alcohol gel hand rubs.

Skin Hygiene

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Infection Control

As well as stocking a range of quality hand sanitisers and alcohol hand rubs, Foil and Film also stock a wide range of infection control products incuding virucidal cleaners, medical sanitisers and sharps disposal bins and yellow refuse sacks.

Infection Control Mask

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Disposable PPE

From shoe covers and gloves to aprons and hair covers, Foil and Film stock a range of high quality disposable PPE products - designed for the healthcare and nursing sector.

Shoe Covers

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