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Packaging and Disposables

We supply a wide range of food packaging and disposables for the food production and catering markets. Some of the products we supply include:

  • vacuum packaging
  • disposable cups, glasses, dishes, plates and cutlery
  • foil containers and trays
  • pizza boxes, takeaway pots and deli pots
  • paper and plastic carriers and bags
  • newscap and greaseproof papers
  • straws, doilies, cocktails stirers, order pads

Vacuum Packaging

Foil and Film supply a wide range of vacuum packaging products for the catering industries. We can provide everything from card-backed presentation packaging for meats and deli produce to vacuum packaging bags and shrink wrappers.

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Disposable Cups, Glasses, Dishes, Plates and Cutlery

We supply an extensive range of high quality disposable food related items including cups, dishes, glasses, plates, cutlery and presentation items. We also provide additional catering disposables such as cocktail stirers and paper napkins.

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Foil Containers and Trays

Supplying quality foil container and trays to the catering industries for a number of years, Foil and Film can provide an extensive range of foil trays and containers for the presentation and storage of food items to the catering trade.

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Pizza Boxes, Take-Away and Deli Pots

From pizza boxes of all sizes to take-away and deli pots, Foil and Film supply a wide range of take-away disposables to the catering trades, ensuring you're able to consistently provide a high quality service to your customers.

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Paper and Plastic Carriers and Bags

Whatever your business, Foil and Film can supply a wide range of paper and plastic carriers and bags for all purposes. Contact us today for a competitive quote.

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Newscap and Greaseproof Papers

Serving the Fish and Chips trade for years, Foil and Film supply a range of quality newscap and greaseproof papers for the commercial kitchen and takeaway outlets.

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Straws, Doilies, Cocktail Stirrers, Order Pads and More!

Foil and Film are able to supply all kinds of additional items to ensure you're able to provide the service your customers expect. We offer everything from straws, doilies, cocktail stirrers, order pads and so much more - if you can imagine it, we can (probably) supply it! Give us a call and we'll do our best to meet your requirements.

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