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Waste Management

We provide a range of quality products designed to help you maintain a clean environment by the safe and efficient removal of waste materials. The products we currently stock include:

  • refuse bags and bin liners
  • waste containers and bins
  • recycling and sorting bins
  • mechanical grippers
  • external ash trays

Refuse Bags and Bin Liners

Our range of quality refuse bags and bin liners will help keep your premises clean and tidy. There's nothing worse than a bin sack splitting open - which is why we only stock high quality refuse sacks, designed to safely accommodate your business waste.

Refuse Bags and Bin Liners

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Waste Containers and Bins

We stock a full range of waste bins - in a huge variety of styles and sizes. We've got everything from industrial kitchen bins, to discrete bathroom bins for hotels and bed and breakfasts. Call us for more information or a quote!

Waste Bin

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Recyling and Sorting Bins

The Foil and Film Company can supply a range of high quality recycling and sorting bins, ensurring your staff know exactly where to put each kind of waste. Colour coded and built to last, our recycling bins will help keep your premises clean and tidy and help you reduce your environmental impact.

Recyling Bins

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Mechanical Grippers

Save time, effort and unnecessary exposure to germs by using one of our quality mechanical litter grabbers. You'll make light work of keeping internal and external spaces clean and tidy, and avoid back strain too!

Waste Grippers

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External Ash Trays

If your business has an external smoking area we can help your keep it clean and tidy by supplying a range of quality, hard-wearing, external ash trays.

External Ash Tray

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