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New for 2016: The Zybax Odour Removal Range


We are really pleased to announce that we now stock the full range of Zybax odour removal cleaning products.

The Zybax range of products feature friendly Zybax bacteria which are non-toxic and non-pathogenic, tried and tested at eliminating the source of odours. The Zybax bacteria is combined with Odourbond™, developed by the team at Zybax, to alter any airborne odour molecules so that you can no longer smell them.

Their products are safe, sustainable and guaranteed to work.

Here's a quick overview of their product range:

Zybax Ultra

Their Most Powerful Product

Containing no harmful chemicals, Zybax Ultra is totally environment-friendly but ultra powerful. The friendly bacteria breaks down odour at its source.

Zybax Ultra


Zybax Air


Microbiologically-compatible air freshener in fresh mint. The perfect partner for the Zybax odour eliminator range.

Zybax Air


Want More Information?

You can find out lots more about each of these products by visiting the Zybax site:

Place an Order

If you'd like to order Zybax products please call us on 01947 880151. We're more than happy to personally recommend Zybax to all our customers - we've tried and tested it, and know first-hand that it really does work!


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